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I seem to be getting a lot of hits for Lawson Process Flow and examples. If you’re here from a search engine and you don’t see what you’re looking for, how about leaving a comment with a question? I’d be more than happy to answer and it would benefit everyone else as well.

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Websphere TX

Odd thing I encountered today. I was building (or trying to build) a map that had one input card and one output. The input source was a database.

I imported my .dbq file that had my select in it and used it in the GET. When I would try to compile, I would get “Input XXXXX was not found”. After doing some research it seems the issue is with my dbq file. Specifically, I had two databases defined, and alphabetically my query was from the second db. I created a new dbq file with only the query in it and it works fine.

My version is Websphere Transformation Extender 8.2.03 build 58

Mission Statement

My Mission statement –

To record and share the things I learn everyday (or so).

I’m an Accountant who’s working in IT. ┬áThat is to say, I have a degree in Accounting, with a minor in Economics, who currently works for the IT department of large Hospital System supporting their Lawson (c) system.

Ironically, I find myself doing more “gap work” than anything. ┬áRoutinely, I work with SQL, EMCAScript (javascript), VB Script, ImageNow, Iscript (ImageNow ECMAScript), XML, XSD, CSS, HTML, Lawson Applications, Lawson Process Flow, Lawson LBI (Framework Services, Reporting Services, Smart Notification), VBA (yes, it’s different than VB Script), Perl, Bash scripting (Korn shell mostly), and Crystal Reports.

I hope to contribute to the greater public good through my own trials.